Goodbye Mozy: New Offsite Backup Solution

For the past 2 years I’ve been a loyal Mozy customer. I’ve backed up about 50 gigs worth of personal pictures, videos, documents, etc. In previous jobs I’ve used it as an “off-site” backup solution when the budget was tight. During “side gigs” wit…



For the past 2 years I’ve been a loyal Mozy customer. I’ve backed up about 50 gigs worth of personal pictures, videos, documents, etc. In previous jobs I’ve used it as an “off-site” backup solution when the budget was tight. During “side gigs” with companies or individuals I’ve recommended it to backup their data. I’ve always considered Mozy to be a reliable, secure option, EMC’s purchase of Mozy a couple years ago just validated those ideas. The price has always been a HUGE attraction to their service as well.

Today I opened my email to find the message from Mozy that pricing would be going up. At first I wasn’t too concerned but started doing the math and got a bit nervous, just my personal data would be a decent level of increase and that’s not including those I know using the service with 100s of gigs worth of content. Plus, they did email me, but I found out about the change via LifeHacker and also realized they were not “grandfathering” anyone in, ouch! I don’t mind a company changing the plan as long as I am notified in advance, the reasoning is solid and the new prices are reasonable.

SIDE RANT: If your primary business is storage and backup, why are you complaining about increase of use? We live in a digital world, files are getting bigger all the time, if you can’t hang with it, then get out of the storage business. On the Mozy Blog they admit the “concern” that things are increasing, sounds like they want their profit margins to increase as well!

With that said, I have until March 1 and then I’ll be canceling and moving to a service that understands backup storage needs to be reliable AND AFFORDABLE! With many options out there today, many from reputable companies, Mozy will have an uphill battle to convince others to stay while others are offering a better product at a similar or cheaper price.

So what are the options, for me I have narrowed in on two that seem to offer a better feature set than Mozy for a decent price. My criteria is as follows:

– Affordable (need to stay less than $20 per month total, including service fee and any/all bandwidth/storage costs plus include all my laptops/desktops)

– Reliable: Some companies such as Carbonite have had issues in the past, want to make sure they have a clean track record of uptime.

– Solid Backing: Need to find a reputable company that is providing the service, nice thing about Mozy was the backing of EMC.

– Features: Need to have Windows, Linux and mobile device support. Would be nice to have a “virtual” drive that I could use as a primary storage medium versus saving locally. Some kind of sharing access between all devices would be nice too.

The Options Thus Far:


Pro: Very flexible pricing model, can use Amazon or Rackspace storage cloud as backend. “Virtual drive” allows things to be saved to the “sharing network” versus saved locally. High-level encryption of data. JungleDisk is a subsidary of Rackspace which lends it some credibility.

Con: They have a mobile app. for iPhone but none for my Android.


Pro: Cheap storage. Works across all platforms including my Droid 2. Sharing between all devices. Has de-duplication for data which is nice.

Con: Not too familiar with the company behind the product.

In the coming days I’ll begin testing both products to see which will work best. I like the SpiderOak product the best because of the Android app.

Author: Travis Kensil

Director of IT. Husband and father. Michigan beachbum.

One thought on “Goodbye Mozy: New Offsite Backup Solution”

  1. Hey Travis,I’m not sure what you ended up switching to, but I would stay away from SpiderOak. I gave them a try and I had all kinds of issues. I was using them for the purpose of keeping my desktop and laptop in sync as well as some backups. I was also running JungleDisk for weekly backups. JungleDisk came out with a sync capability and with using RackSpace you save on some bandwidth costs as compared to Amazon S3. I do however still backup to Amazon S3 using JungleDisk and have been very happy.

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