Dell RoadShow

On April 10th I attended the Dell RoadShow sponsored by Optio Data. Was a really great event, got to see a lot of the Dell roadmap and evolution of technology. Would highly recommend you attend if you have the chance. Some highlights:


This is one of Dell’s new M series blade servers, had the ability for east-west communication within the chassis, tons of connectivity options on the backplane 1gig, 10gig, etc. Beyond all the normal blade things, the highlight was the built-in Equallogic array, simply push in on the module and out comes a tray with disks/controllers built right into the unit. With this in the chassis you literally have an “Datacenter in a box”. Even the price points are VERY affordable.


This is the Dell PowerConnect  W-series controllers and access points. They are technically re-branded Aruba Wireless. This was a big take-away for us as we are evaluating wireless solutions. Had the option to work “instant” without a controller or with a centralized controller; even working in “instant” mode you can designate an AP to work as a controller for the site. We have actually just gotten 2 of these units in for demo gear so will be blogging about our experiences with them!

There were multiple breakouts covering virtualization, BYOD, Hyper-V, converged networking and more. With their extensive amount of acquisitions in the past couple years they really do have an end-user to datacenter solution map, although I think Dell’s future will depend on their ability to integrate all these solutions to work together and have “single pane” management.

I am not paid to say this but if you are in the Michigan area and looking for a solid Dell vendor, please check out Optio Data:
We have been doing business with them for many years, in addition to great pricing and support they also offer many value-adds like demo/loaner equipment for projects, etc.

You may want to check out the Dell Roadshow if you live in Ohio, Michigan or Indianna:


Author: Travis Kensil

Director of IT. Husband and father. Michigan beachbum.

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