Back To Blogging In 2016

So considering my last post was from 2014 I’ve been away a while. Of course the usual excuses of “busy at work”, family, etc. apply. I have missed the blogging world and also missed sharing ideas/comments with folks. I am trying to set a realistic goal for myself and post 1 new item every month so a total of 12 posts per year, hopefully will be able to increase that but thats my initial goal. I am going to be going through and approving pending comments and also update/refresh the blog. Most of my posts will center on current technology I am working on or with but I may also post some travel items or other tidbits as well. Just as a basic list, these are some blog posts I have planned/thinking about based on current items I am working on:

  • Aruba Central
    This is Aruba’s newest cloud management suite, we are using it primarily for guest access but also very convenient in an Instant world to be able to mass deploy settings for consistent settings between our sites without having site controllers.
  • Zimbra To Office365
    After many years of being a Zimbra customer and working with it in different companies we have finally decided that Zimbra’s lack of support and poor feature deployments have caused us to move to Office365. I will review some items we ran into and also cover our migration using BitTitan. I will also cover mass deploying Office2013/16 as provided by O365 licensing.
  • Informational Kiosks
    I seem to be deploying a lot of business dashboard/data kiosks lately and thought I would shoot out a quick blog post about the hardware/software that makes it work well.
  • HP StoreOnce
    We are currently in the evaluation process for some dedup backup storage for our Veeam jobs and based on our existing HP-centric world would be a natural fit, especially as we look toward primary storage replacement in the coming years.
  • Veeam CloudConnect
    We are currently evaluating Veeam’s cloud DR solutions. It is very enticing to be able to get rid of the cost of a “hot” DR site and replace with an “on demand” model.
  • 3cx IP PBX
    After years of living in the shadows of a Mitel/Intertel multi-site traditional PBX, we have since decided to move to 3cx for cost savings. It is quite a fully featured product and has an attractive licensing model as compared to Cisco, Avaya and others.

I am hoping to add to that list but for now that is a “sneak peak” of whats coming. Since we are almost at month 6 (June), each of those topics will cover me until the end of 2016 🙂

Please stop back in the next 30 days and I should have an updated post going!


Author: Travis Kensil

Director of IT. Husband and father. Michigan beachbum.

One thought on “Back To Blogging In 2016”

  1. I look forward to hearing your issues with Zimbra. We are currently looking into migrating to Zimbra from GroupWise 2014. Also, your topic of HP StoreOnce should be interesting. We were an HP shop but the innovation there seems to be slower with the splitting of the company. We moved to the disruptive world of hyper-convergence by Simplivity. It’s a nice product with backup, dedup, and single instance storage built in.

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