My Workspace 2017

Thought I would change pace from usual deep-technical stuff and showcase my current workspace at work. I like a minimal-type approach to things so I can stay focused on my work. My 2 “daily driver” devices are a Microsoft Surface 3 on the Microsoft docking station and an HP T520 Win10 Thin Client, both of these devices I have hidden in my office cabinets so my workspace is neat and tidy. Below is my current workspace and some notes about it:


HP V242H 24″ monitors
The thing I like about these units is that they have VGA/HDMI/DVI inputs so I can easily toggle between different devices, I also have some video feeds of items like our monitoring wallboard (PRTG Map), security cameras, etc. Gives me a lot of flexibility in customizing my workspace without touching cables or spending a lot of time. At some point I could probably invest in a video switcher or KVM but for now this is working well. These are pretty basic LED 1080p displays, nothing fancy but they produce a nice image. I don’t do much video/graphic editing so they work great.

Monitor Mount
Mount-It! Dual Monitor
Not the fanciest mount in the world, I got it on sale for around $30 from Amazon, it has cable management and is pretty flexible. Only bummer is the monitors side-by-side are slightly off alignment due to how the arms mount, there is some “give” in the bracket. For the price though it is a decent unit and I’ve been happy with it.

Photo Frame
This is a PanDigital digital photo frame. It is cheap and runs a bunch of personal pics of the kids, wife, vacations, etc. from a USB drive. Can schedule it to turn on when I get in and shut off automatically so accomplishes the need.

iPhone Dock/iPhone
I have an iPhone 6s that I dock on a standard iPhone Lightning Dock
as the option to also plugin my headphones if I am on a conference call or want to listen to music during the day plus charges my phone.

I don’t do a ton of “fancy” work so a simple keyboard and optical mouse are fine. I use the standard ones HP ships with their thin clients. So far working good. My mousepads are a combo collection I have had for years of a Dell one on top and a consulting house’s pad on the bottom, don’t ask me why but they have stuck with me through 3 different employers now.

Water Bottle
We don’t have filtered water at my work so I just use this guy, its a Brita Filtered Bottle. It will filter your water as you drink, does have some reduced flow though but a nice bottle overall for the work day.

That is pretty much it for my day-to-day work environment. I like to keep things simple and reliable so I can remain focused day to day. I keep dreaming of the day I can get rid of both my current devices (Surface 3 and HP Thin Client) and just use an iPad Pro but the current lack of mouse support really kills this dream, especially since Apple advertises this as a “PC Killer” type device. I got some inspiration for this post from the following sites, thought I would link them to say thanks. Keep watch for another post on my EDC (Every Day Carrier) bag and some of the items I use daily!

Mac Setups From OSXDaily

Brent Ozar: SQL Guru’s Workspace


Author: Travis Kensil

Director of IT. Husband and father. Michigan beachbum.

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