About Me

I have been working in IT professionally for the past 10+ years and loving every minute of it. I usually do blogging as a means to “unwind” after a long day or document some “odd-ones” to hopefully save someone else the time. I am extremely passionate about technology and more importantly its ability to positively impact people. I am very visionary and have a great ability to take a raw or unknown idea and make it into a valuable project with measurable value to a company.

I have a pretty diverse background in terms of technology experience and focus; have enjoyed working for large organizations and small ones and some in between. I also have a media/audio/visual background as well and have an eye for creative arts (read: I tinker in PhotoShop and make some nice stuff). I have also done a lot of work with Telco/PBX solutions, have worked on Comdial, InterTel and Avaya systems.

Today I work for a medium-sized midwest trucking company as their Director of ITS. Always looking for some side opportunities though to help other companies/groups with their needs.

Some of the latest items sitting on my desk/recently deployed by me or areas of expertise:

  • Citrix XenApp 6.5 (multiple app. servers, web interface), Windows Terminal Servers (Remote Desktop Services) on 2008 R2 Enterprise.
  • Sonicwall NSA firewalls, HA clusters, content filtering, SRA secure remote access appliances.
  • Equallogic PS100 and PS6100E iSCSI SANs, HP MSA2012i iSCSI SAN
  • Cisco and HP ProCurve networking
  • VMWare vSphere (vCenter Server/ESX/ESXi) 4.1 (getting ready for 5.5 update soon!)
  • Windows 2003/2008 Active Directory, Group Policies, Print Servers, File Servers, DNS/DHCP, IIS, SQL (2005/2008/2012) etc.
  • Xerox DocuShare Enterprise Content Management System
  • VMWare Zimbra (loyal user since v5!)
  • RedHat/Ubuntu Linux servers, managing, installing, a lot of LAMP work, MySQL, etc.
  • Have done a lot of scripting for automated workstation imaging, software deployments, batch/reg scripts, etc.
  • PBX experience: 3cx, Avaya, InterTel, Comdial, OpenText Fax Appliances
  • Multiple location MPLS/WAN networking
  • Wireless: Meru Networks, Dell/Aruba
  • Cabling: Cat5/Cat6, patches, telco, etc.
  • Veeam Backup and Replication
  • HP Servers, Thin Clients, Laptops, etc.
  • PRTG Network Monitoring

One thought on “About Me”

  1. Hi Travis,
    I am looking for some one to setup VEEAM scripts for me and came across your site. I am fairly new with VEEAM and the Virtual Environment. VEEAM support does not create scripts at least that is what I have been told twice today. I need a script that copies the Saturday backup to a USB 3TB. Would also like to copy the incrementals to the USB Drive. If you are interested please let me know your rate for contract work. Thank you!

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