My EDC Bag (Every Day Carrier)

I’ve been packing for VeeamOn this weekend and thought I’d quickly recap whats going in my “every day carrier”. I actually use 2 primary bags in my life these days, one is a “daily driver” that covers the basics and another “heavy use” bag that is much bigger, the larger bag is for data center work as I have all my adapters and cables whereas my daily driver I usually use for home to office and back. My current daily driver includes the following:

– Surface 3 Tablet with keyboard
Case Logic Case (This is meant for a 14″ laptop but perfectly fits my Surface and iPad)
– Microsoft Touch Mouse (In Veeam green, thanks Veeam!)
– iPad Air (I have 2 cases, one is a lightweight rubber flip case and the other is a bluetooth Zagg keyboard for when I need to do notes/extensive typing)
Anker 2in1 charging plug (Can charge 2 devices at once)
– 10ft Anker charging cables, 1 for Surface, 1 for iPad/iPhone (These are nice as they can reach farther from an outlet than the standard Apple cables)
– Apple Standard Headphones (i’m not an audiophile so they work fine)
– Mobile battery (Blue box, generic battery power unit I got from a vendor at a conference plus a couple of short lightning cables)
– iPhone 6s with Apple Battery Case

I find this basics kit covers most of my day to day needs. I can travel to different locations for work, back and forth to the office and have the critical elements I need. I’m also able to keep this in a nice small, lightweight carrying case. Now, the other scenario is when I’m doing “heavy lifting” type stuff: deploying new servers/hardware, site upgrades, etc. This typically requires a huge variety of cables, adapters and other gear. For this I need a rather large bag that can store all of this comfortably. This kit includes:

– Adapter breakouts for VGA and network for Surface 3
– 10ft CAT6 network cable
– 10ft CAT6 crossover network cable
– RJ45/DB9 serial cables in popular configurations and also associated changers to go between the 2 (RJ45 to DB9, RJ45 to RJ45, DB9 to DB9).
– Startech ICUSB2321F. This is a USB to Serial adapter for my Surface. I like these units as they have the FTDI chip in them which seems to work better than other units especially with older hardware.

I like to have the 2 bags as then I don’t have to carry this mismatch of equipment everyday, especially considering how infrequently I need all of this. Makes it very nice to walk into my office with a nice small, lightweight bag with just the essentials. My other bag I keep under my desk, loaded and ready if needed.

Now my ideal daily situation would be this…..
An iPad PRO that actually had a functional mouse/keyboard that I could literally carry to the office, dock it for power/bigger monitor and use all day. No cables to carry as I would have cables at office and home for power and all day battery life. Use the AirConsole and GetConsole cables/app ( for when I need to be direct connected. I could eliminate bags, cables and most importantly, my Surface 3! But alas, this is only a dream as I still need a functional mouse for the majority of my day to day and Apple does not yet understand the need to compete with Microsoft on the keyboard/mouse aspect of a “replace your laptop” type device.