Veeam Office365 Wishlist

Have been using Veeam’s Office365 backup solution now for 30 days, have to say I am very impressed with it. I do however have a couple of items that would be “nice to haves” to improve the product.

  • Support for backing up Sharepoint and OneDrive document libraries. This is a big one, especially for environments that have gone “all in” with Office365. Microsoft’s own backup/DR abilities are pretty weak, especially for the tenant side. This is heavily requested on Veeam forums:
    Some must-haves…..

    • Ability to restore individual items, lists, folders, sites, etc.
    • Preserve permission/inheritance of restored content
    • Export data back to original location OR network share/folder locally OR perform rename function something such as restoreddoc_DATE.docx and place in original location
    • From a priority perspective it would be nice to see Sharepoint done first as this is the “business” side where most critical documents live, whereas OneDrive is more a personal repo.
  • Offer more folder exclusion options such as Sent Items. Also being able to define a set of custom folders to exclude would be helpful.
  • Enhanced retention policies similar to the options available in full Veeam BR.
  • Offer more options or those similar to Veeam BR in terms of repository storage options.
  • Personally I would like to see the separate console go away and these features be integrated natively into the Veeam Backup And Recovery console. In the future as more application-type options are added I don’t want to have separate consoles to access them, I want them all from within Veeam Backup console.